Have you reached a point with your art that begs for more? Are you looking for those invaluable insights that you can only get from your peers? Do you need more than, “I wish I could draw like you,” or, “This is amazing, you’re so creative” from people when they look at your work?

“The Artist Workshop was a great opportunity to get constructive critiques on my work from a small group of artists. Just me and the artists, no crowd.”
– Lizzy D

“Everyone had really helpful advice, I couldn’t help but dip back into one of the pieces when I got home.”
– Christopher

Be part of Norwescon’s Artist Workshop again this year. At this panel you can get the feedback you need to help you grow as an artist. You’ll get real advice from follow artists who are professionals in their field. You can ask those questions you can’t ask a normal person. You can get those real answers that will bring your art and skill up to the next level.

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