Hotel Reservations for NWC40 Are Open!

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DoubleTree Hotel

Hotel reservations for Norwescon 40 are now open! The full details are on our hotels page, or if you just want to get to it, you can jump right in and make your reservation now! A few things to note:

  • Our standard rate this year is $129 a night. Guaranteed tower room upgrades are $159 a night (a $30 surcharge).
  • If you need an accessible room, please check the “Accessible” option (under “Other Information” on the “Personal Information” page of the reservation system). This does not guarantee a tower room, as accessible rooms are located throughout the hotel.
  • You will be charged one night’s room and tax within 7–10 business days of booking your room. If you do not see this charge within 7–10 business days, please contact If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so by January 26, 2017 to avoid forfeiting your deposit.