Norwescon 38 Masquerade Winners


  • Best in Show, Presentation: Davey Crockett in Outer Space, Erik Prill
  • Best in Class, Master: Consider It Shaken, Diana Daniels
  • Best in Class, Journeyman: Hello Stonehenge, Christopher Corbitt
  • Best in Class, Novice: Future Cops, Richard Johnson, Shaylee Bell
  • Best Theme: Aces & Jokers: Saturday Morning Evil, Robert Stephens, Ciandi Stephens, Tia Stephens, Chaz Stephens


  • Best in Show, Workmanship: Cavorting in Warcraft, Leslee Fuller, Tristan Fuller, Scarlett Fuller, Jamie Smith
  • Best Workmanship, Master: Fairie Wars 2: The Movie, Alicia Faires
  • Best Workmanship, Journeyman: Stranger in a Strange Land, Mr. and Mrs. Rieschiek
  • Best Workmanship, Novice: Future Cops, Richard Johnson, Shaylee Bell

Honorable Mention, Master: Off to See the Wizard, Molly Boone, Allen Kemp, Kathy Kemp, Melissa Nichols, Ann Shilling, Rick van Meter

Judges’ Choice

  • Nostalgia: The Captain, Robert Mitchell
  • Best Video Game Characterization: Great Fairy, Katie McKinney
  • Best Use of Evil: Honey, I’m Home!, Alita Quinn
  • Director’s Choice: Avatars from The Last Airbender, Alex Brick, Carolyn Gresswell, Scott Helvick, Sophia Masi

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