New and Exciting Food Options from the Hotel

Norwescon Executive TeamBlog, Executive Team

This year we’ve been working with the DoubleTree hotel to expand the on-site food offerings over the convention weekend, and we’re very exited to share what we have in store for you at Norwescon 38!

New Thunderbird Market, open from 5 am to 11 pm

Now offering an expanded menu with breakfast pastries from Alki Bakery and Macrina Bakery in Seattle, house breakfast sandwiches and wraps, cereals, oatmeal, Greek yogurt, fruit, Beecher’s cheese, American salami, Seattle Chocolate truffles, and a wide array of dry snacks, chips and munchies for your eating pleasure. For lunch and dinner we are proud to serve locally made samosas, gluten free cupcakes from Bellevue, house made individual pizzas, a variety of fresh sandwiches, blackened salmon salad, macaroni & cheese, and a fantastic selection of desserts…but wait, there’s more! Featuring a fabulous selection of 22oz. northwest micro brews and craft sodas, as well a great little selection of northwest wines in small format. You have to try the blanc de blanc from Treveri in Walla Walla. Celebrate in style! Last but not least, be sure to stop by and grab a Chewbacca dog 2.0. Last year’s was a hit. Come and check out what the chefs have created for your taste buds this year.

Introducing the Fishbowl Grill! So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

Our chefs will be serving up burgers, veggie burgers and Chewbacca dogs for lunch from 11am until we slow down off of our new Evo grills. Also featuring great northwest microbrews to keep your thirst quenched and give you just the right attitude to enjoy the show!

Lunch in the Coffee Garden

The Coffee Garden will be open for lunch each day from 11 am to 4:30 pm and will offer the same fabulous menu that the chefs have created for Seaports. Chowder, nachos, chicken tenders, salads, sandwiches and even buffalo! That’s right I said it…American bison is on the menu this year. It’s fabulous and leaner than beef (if you’re into that sort of thing…).

China Town in the Coffee Garden

China Town in the Coffee Garden? Yes that’s right: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night our chefs will produce some of the finest Chinese food south of China Town from 5 pm to 9 pm. For $15 you can get your Chinese on in our restaurant until you just can’t eat anymore! Come join us for Chinese buffet, a break from the convention and possibly, maybe…even some kung fu movies for your viewing pleasure…

Seaports Open from 11 am—1 am(ish), Depending on How Thirsty You All Are!

Come and partake in a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster experience, great micro brews on tap, and our fabulous new wine list. Seaport’s will feature draft specials all weekend long as well as all of your Northwest and comfort food favorites.

New Allergy Procedures

We take food allergies very seriously. So seriously that we created an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for handling these very special orders (yes, I have to write SOPs). Each allergy order is handled with care as a hand written ticket is created by the server, delivered to the chef, and accompanies the dish throughout the execution and delivery of the meal. You can rest assured that our team will pay very close attention to handling and expediting each and every allergy sensitive order.