Cascadia’s Got Talent at the Norwescon 38 Masquerade Halftime!

Cascadia's Got Talent Trophy photo courtesy of Dara Korra'ti
Photo courtesy of Dara Korra’ti

Do you have what it takes to gain the appreciation of our audience and panel of fan and celebrity (drunks?!) judges? FIND OUT! Bring your song, your work-in-progress, your shtick, your standup act, your freak show, your whatever – bring your talent to our free-form talent show! You have eight minutes, two songs, or until the gong gongs, whichever is shortest.

Last year we had a record number of both attendees and entrants, with Paul Campbell on the hammer dulcimer taking the Science Olympics Trophy for Entertainment. Apparently what our little “all the gravitas of a fart joke” show needed was a moment of quiet beauty. Who knew?  WE didn’t and we still don’t!

Come show us your talent and let’s find out!