Let’s Make A Movie!

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If there’s one thing you never thought of doing before at Norwescon (well, of the three things you just thought of), maybe it’s making a movie.

That’s right, from planning, to shooting, to editing — making a movie at Norwescon is a hilarious and brilliant thrill ride with the Let’s Make a Movie workshop. In this hands-on adventure, you and your fellow workshop members learn about making short movies the best way anyone possibly could — by doing it right there!

With the help of a few professional filmmakers (representatives from Hellbender Media, Seattle International Films, and Maelstrom Productions), you work up a story, work up characters, hunt down props, plan a shoot, get it “in the can,” and, eventually, finish the final edits.

For fourteen years, the gang’s been doing this, and every single year, a new movie has shown up by the end of the weekend!

If you want to get REALLY in-depth, you can volunteer for an “internship” that weekend, where you join the pros during all the “behind-the-scenes” stuff. We’re not even sure how much this kind of instruction is worth, because whenever we price it at film schools, we usually find ourselves saying “Wait — and we do this FOR FREE?! What are we, nuts?!”

So if you want to be a part of some hilarious fun, learn what it’s like to make your own movie, or just help out on one, then please come by any of the workshops!

By the way, it’s not strictly necessary that you attend EVERY workshop, but if you do, that’s the most bang for your buck (which is pretty bangin’, considering there are no bucks!)

Hope to see you there!