Talking with Anne McCaffrey from NWC16

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Anne McCaffrey

It’s 1993, Norwescon 16, and the Special Guest of Honor will not be able to attend the convention due to health reasons. What to do? Before the days of ubiquitous Internet and video conferencing, the only choice typically available was to establish a phone connection, a deeply unsatisfying experience. This was the situation we faced with Anne McCaffrey.

Ms. McCaffrey had been the Guest of Honor at Norwescon 9, just seven years prior. She was so delightful that we were bringing her back as a Special GoH. Unfortunately, health concerns made it impossible for her to make the long journey from her home in Ireland to Seattle.

What we did instead was accept Ms. McCaffrey’s gracious invitation to send some committee members to Ireland to visit her and make videos to bring back and show at the convention.

Pat Booze (Oros at the time), Chris McDonnell, and David Valentine made the trek and (with the magic of portable VHS cameras) recorded greetings, interviews, and readings to bring back to Norwescon.

We are making the available for your enjoyment today–Anne McCaffrey’s birthday.

Anne McCaffrey’s Videos

Greeting to Opening Ceremonies

Introduction to the after banquet entertainment

Closing ceremonies statement

Interview and house tour

Bonus Videos

Katherine Kurtz Reading: The Templar Treasure

Scott McMillan Interview and Reading