NWC37 Hotel Update

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Last year Norwescon and the DoubleTree began to require a one night deposit upon reserving a hotel room. Norwescon apologizes for the additional financial burden this deposit places on our members. However, instituting the deposit helped resolve a number of issues that affected the DoubleTree, Norwescon, and our members. An upside we heard last year was that many enjoyed the “lower” bill when they checked out (as they had paid part of the bill up front).

For Norwescon 37 the room rate will be $126 per night. Further information and links to make reservations are available on the hotel page.

We will begin taking reservations for the party suites via the web form on the Norwescon hotel page at noon on October 1st. The form will be available before the end of September.

When you make your reservation, if you can reserve a King room instead of a Double Queen please do so, as this leaves the Double Queens for our members that need them.

Shawn Marier
Norwescon Hotel Liaison