Have you ever wanted a fannish wedding? Now is your chance! In honor of marriage equality coming to Washington State, Norwescon is hosting a wedding extravaganza! Join us for the Wedding Party at the End of the Universe in Maxi’s Ballroom on Saturday, March 30 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. We will have cake!

If you would like to get legally hitched, follow the instructions below; or bring your already-significant other(s) to make or renew vows without all that legal stuff. Slots are limited, so please RSVP early to marriage@norwescon.org to get on our schedule. Guests, well-wishers, and spectators of all ages are welcome, but keep in mind that this will be in a convention space and Norwescon badges will be required for entry. Costumes and finery are not required, but please: no Betazed wedding attire.

Fine print:

There is no charge to participate in a ceremony. We will be accepting donations for Northwest Harvest, if you are so inclined.

Our current plan is to hold brief, individual ceremonies for each group, with the legal signings (as appropriate) afterwards. We will have a selection of officiants from different traditions available, including non-religious; if you could let us know your general preferences when you RSVP, it would help us get things set up.

If you would like to get married, you must bring a VALID marriage licese from ANY Washington county; details from your county are available here. There are no gender restrictions: same sex and different sex couples may now be legally wed in this state. There is a three day waiting period on the license, and licenses are good for 60 days. This means you must get the license on or between Wednesday, January 30 and Wednesday, March 27. When you pick up your marriage license, you will get an envelope with several papers in it. Bring everything, we will sort it out before the event. You will need two witnesses; if you do not have any, they will be provided.

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