Congratulations to ConCom member Katrina Marier, who was recently interviewed for a Seattle Times article about fandom in the Pacific Northwest! Norwescon was mentioned, as was her husband and former chair Shawn, along with other PNW icons such as Westercon 65, Clarion West, and the EMP.

[Katrina] Marier is the editor of Westwind, the magazine of the Northwest Science Fiction Society. Shawn just finished a multiyear stint as chair of the Northwest’s largest science-fiction convention, Norwescon….

Thousands were at the annual Norwescon here in April….

Fandom is very tolerant of differences, she said. At a convention you’ll see someone in a Star Trek uniform walking down the hallway with ladies in ball gowns, going to discuss interstellar travel.

“Some you’ll like and some not. Some you’ll agree with and some not,” she said. “You all can occupy the same space for the course of a weekend. That is very important, and we could use a lot more of that in our national discourse.”

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