NWC36 Election Results

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Elections were held for the officers of Norwescon 36 (2013) on Saturday May 12th with Keith Johnson, LouAnna Valentine, and Doug Booze on this year’s election committee.

In brief: Your Norwescon 36 Executive Team will be headed by Chair Peggy Stewart and Vice-Chair Brad Nelson, with Sunny Jim Morgan and Pearl Young on the Guest of Honor Selection Committee wrangling more top-notch GOHs for future Norwescons! Both bylaw changes were approved as well. Click on through for the full numbers breakdown.

There were 194 ConCom members in the validated Org Chart. Of those, 129 members (66%) registered for votes this year. Our Quorum number needed to make the election valid was 74 ballots (57% of 129 eligible voters). We reached quorum with 98 ballots received (75% of the eligible voters).

Winners are in italics and indicated by “**”. The results were:

BYLAW CHANGE (to allow votes to be taken in person, by mail, and/or by electronic transmission)
**Approve 95
Reject 1
No Preference 2


BYLAW CHANGE (a clause allowing a Cash Reserve of three years operating expenses)
**Approve 83
Reject 7
No Preference 8


GOH Selection Committee
**SunnyJim Morgan 65
**Pearl Young 56
Scott Douwes 23
Timothy Ketron 22
Alexis Easterbrook-Lewis 12
No Preference 2
None of the Above 2


**Brad Nelson 51
Katharine Bond 41
No Preference 3
None of the Above 3


**Peggy Stewart 82
No Preference 7
None of the Above 8


Congratulations to Peggy, Brad, SunnyJim and Pearl and thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s election.

Keith Johnson
Norwescon 36 Elections