Volunteering FAQs

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Norwescon is a 100% volunteer run convention. Many of our volunteers work year-round to plan and organize the convention, but many more join us during the convention weekend. We’d love to see you stop by the Volunteer Lounge in Olympic 3 during the weekend to see how you can help keep the convention running smoothly! Here are some FAQs about volunteering for Norwescon…

What kind of things would I be doing?

Because Norwescon is entirely volunteer managed and run, EVERYTHING is done by volunteers! That means you could be doing everything from taking registrations in the lobby, checking bags in the art show or cloak room, running errands for the staff, counting heads and timekeeping in the panels, to washing dishes in hospitality.

How long would I have to work?

We can use any amount of time you are willing to give! An hour spent washing dishes in hospitality would be wonderful! Two or three hours spent doing badge check at the dance is fabulous! Five minutes to watch a table while someone runs to the restroom is really nice (Especially for the person going to the restroom)!

If you have time, and there isn’t an immediate need, you can certainly cop a squat in the Volunteers Lounge and something is bound to come up!

How do I go about volunteering?

On Wednesday you can just come on down to the hotel. You will see several people running around unloading trucks, putting this here, that there, and building this or changing that. Just ask, and you’ll get pointed in the right direction.

Thursday through Sunday, go down Wing 7 and make a right at the Volunteers Lounge! There will be a warm and friendly person there who will sign you in and tell you where to go. It’s as easy as that! If you have something specific you want to do, they will either try to get you lined up for it or, if it’s too late to do something this year, give you info for doing it next year.

Why should I volunteer?

See question one! As a member of the convention, it is your right and privilege to be part of it. Simply attending may be lovely, but at the end of the day, when you have worked to make Norwescon a wonderful experience for you and 3,000 of your closest friends, you can sit back and say to yourself (and the other volunteers): “Look at what we did!” Norwescon is an amazing experience, and our volunteers make it so.

Why else should I volunteer?

Because you’ll have the opportunity to get and do things that non-volunteers don’t! Our Volunteer Lounge is one major perk. Not only are there ribbons, freebies, and tchotchkes you can’t get any other way, we see to it you are fed, watered, and praised!

This year we’re doing something a bit different: We’re having a volunteer celebration every day!

Wednesday the event is being hosted by our Chair, Shawn Marier, in the evening.

Thursday at 3pm we’ll have cake & goodie give-aways.
Friday at 3pm we’ll have ice cream floats & goodie give-aways.
Saturday at 3pm we’ll have strawberry shortcake & goodie give-aways.
Sunday at 1pm we’ll have pizza & goodie give-aways.

What kind of goodies?

All kinds! Things donated by our pros, dealers, publishers, and so on; things in the crafting corner; discounts to your membership for next year; and even a free membership to Norwescon 36! Come down to the Volunteer Lounge to see what’s available!