The mysterious Norwescon DJ veteran DJ TOX2MUCH has quietly laid in stasis preparing for the time the world would need him once more. That time has now come as he brings the MasterMix Café back for one singular special event, Friday from 9pm-2am at Maxi’s. 21+ with ID and con badge. The more you drink, the better he sounds.

He brings with him his patented retro swing through fannish favorites all night long. This will be totally old skool; close confidant Keith Johnson says the enigmatic DJ promises all the things you came to expect from his 20 years of dances. The hits, the special mixes, the surprises, the talking–it’s all there! Yes, including the infamous “Experiment in Terror.”

When pressed for details, TOX2MUCH would only say, “Ladies and Gentlemen, take your positions please! The Istan bull is time warping Major Tom something good. Dare to be stupid because we can (can). Never trust a Star Trekkin’ Klingon, it’ll make ya wanna shout!”

Babelfish was unable to provide a proper translation.

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