Norwescon 37: Elegance and Entropy | April 17-20, 2014

Norwescon Programming

Norwescon features over 500 hours of panel programming presented by more than 200 panelists, covering such diverse subjects as science fiction, fantasy, science, costuming, art, writing, genre television, and movies, as well as a myriad of other topics of interest to fans.

Norwescon typically invites panelists and pros in the early fall (around September) and solicits ideas for panels, presentations, and workshops from September through October or November.

Our programming also includes the Fairwood Writers’ Workshop, the Single Pattern Contest, the Let’s Make a Movie! workshop which wraps up at the Fandance Film Festival, filk concerts, and programming especially for the younger fans.

Look for more information and announcements regarding all of this later in the year!

Questions, comments, or suggestions are always welcome! Contact Programming through our contact page, or if you have an idea for a panel, use our panel suggestion page.