We will post openings for positions we’re looking to fill here throughout the year, but there’s a good chance that there are a number of other positions that could use a willing volunteer, or any number of other ways you can help out! If you’d like to chip in with putting Norwescon 41 together, see what’s listed below, or stop by one of our ConCom volunteer meetings, or even swing by the Volunteers office during the con. We’ll be thrilled to see you! This page last updated on Jan 21, 2018 @ 2:15 pm

Member Services

Registration Services Staff

(Four positions. Minimum: three 4-hour shifts.)

  • Reports to Registration Manager.
  • First line customer service contact for our members.
  • Assist with new registration and pre-registration.
  • Cash handling experience a plus.
  • Enters and maintains membership information into the Registration database during the convention.
  • Updates membership information as needed.
  • Supplies support to the Registration Services Manager and Second as needed.
  • Learns how to work with the Registration computer program to create memberships.
  • Gives out swag.

Art Show Cashier

(Two positions. Minimum: three 4-hour shifts.)

  • Reports to Lead Cashier.
  • Runs the cash registers.
  • Helps artists register their art at con and check out of art the at the end of con.
  • Cash handling experience a plus.
  • Customer Service skills a must.
  • Training available.

Art Show Staff

(Two positions. Minimum: three 4-hour shifts.)

  • Reports to Art Show Second.
  • Work with members and artists: assist with questions, check & scan bids, and provide security on the floor.
  • Customer Service skills a plus.
  • Assists Art Show Manager and Art Show Second as needed.
  • Fills in other positions as needed (see other Art Show positions).
  • Helps artists register their art at con and check out of the Art Show at the end of con.
  • Fills in other positions as needed (see other Art Show positions).

Cloakroom Staff

(Four positions. Shifts TBD.)

  • Reports to Cloakroom Managers.
  • Securely store and return to the appropriate person items stored by members of the convention.
  • Special Requirements: ability to lift 15 lbs. over your head; ability to lift 25 lbs. from floor to chest level; ability to safely and securely place and remove items on a shelf approximately 5 feet up.

Contact: Member Services


Convention Lounge Hosts

  • Supports the Convention Lounge Hosts Lead with creating a welcoming atmosphere and offer snacks to members. Pre-con activities may include assisting with creating a menu and purchase list for the charities team to seek donations and for the purchasing team to plan purchase. At con: create welcoming atmosphere in the Convention Lounge rooms, check in purchases and donations, organize storage, create platters for morning, mid-day, and evening based upon menu.

Convention Lounge Decorator

  • Create décor to enhance welcoming atmosphere or support theme.

Volunteer Support Second

  • Supports the Volunteer Services Support Host lead with pre-con and at con tasks.

Volunteer Support Staff

  • Supports the Volunteer Support Hosts Lead with tasks.

Contact: Personnel


Pro Check-in

  • Checking in pros and staff in the Green Room, and helping people sign up for workshops.

Stage Management

  • Help out our pros by giving them 10 and 5 minute warnings, then opening the doors at the end of the panels.  Each day, post the schedules and place the stage management forms in each of the panel rooms.

Guest of Honor Liaisons

  • Be the point person for one of our Guests of Honor.  Make sure they get to their panels on time, and help them out with anything they need. (within reason.)

Pro Lounge Support

  • Assist the Pro Lounge coordinator in serving our pros and staff snacks, in a fun and relaxing environment.  Food handler’s card needed – we’ll help you with that.

Contact: Programming

Convention Services

Database Manager

  • Ability to perform regular system maintenance on a server
  • Ability to transfer a virtual database to a physical server
  • Attendance at early concom meetings is optional
  • Must be regularly available via email
  • Required to assist with system integration the Sunday prior to convention (3/25)
  • Must be on-site the Wednesday prior to the convention for setup (3/28)

AV Services 2nd

  • General knowledge of projectors, sound equipment, and laptops required
  • Meeting attendance required: at least two of the meeting sessions prior to convention
  • Organizational and people skills helpful

AV Services Tech Assistants

  • Multiple positions available
  • Shift times and durations are variable
  • Responsible for setting up presentation equipment for panels
  • General knowledge of projectors, sound equipment, and laptops helpful but can train
  • Work is very time sensitive, punctuality is a must
  • Most work is at the convention, meeting attendance is optional

AV Services – a.m. setup crew

  • 4 positions available
  • Shift times are early morning, you are able to attend the convention later in the day
  • Responsible for setting up presentation equipment for panels
  • General knowledge of projectors, sound equipment, and laptops helpful but can train
  • Work is very time sensitive, punctuality is a must
  • Most work is at the convention, meeting attendance is optional

Contact: Convention Services


Graphic Designers

  • Requirements: Access to and proficiency in the use of Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, or other graphic design software.
  • Create, organize, edit, and publish design elements for the current and future convention year.
  • Design and produce fliers, bookmarks, poster, program books, banners, signs, advertisements and other media for print, web, and presentation materials.
  • Design graphics and layout for other media, such as the website, registration website, eNewsletter, and pocket program as needed.
  • Communicate with printer as needed, including delivery of final product.

Photo Area Lead

  • Pre-convention planning and coordination with lobby and hotel services staff to create at-con photo-op areas.
  • Research and recommendation for purchase of photo area items such as piping and backdrops.
  • Research, solicitation, and acquisition of artwork to be used as props or backdrops for photo areas.
  • Coordination and setup of photo areas prior to the convention.
  • Maintenance, care-taking, and tear-down of photo areas during and after the convention.

Webmaster Second

  • Assist the Webmaster with website updates, design planning, and implementation.
  • The ideal volunteer will have interest in learning enough to take over as Webmaster in the future.

Social Media Second

  • Assist the Social Media Manager with planning social media marketing and updates across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and others as needed.
  • The ideal volunteer will have interest in learning enough to take over as Social Media Manager in the future.

PR Assistant

  • Assists the Public Relations Director as needed.
  • Acts as a second contact on all PR activities.
  • Assists with planning and implementing of promotional and advertising opportunities.

Contact: Publications


Mail Services

  • Must check mail twice a week in Tukwila and ensure physical mail is distributed to Execs at each ConCom meeting.
  • Processes all mail sent to the official Norwescon Box (100 Andover Park W, Suite 150 in Tukwila, WA 98188)
  • Remove junk mail.
  • Scan all correspondence, upload the scans into Google Docs and email appropriate staff representative.
  • Hard copies are routed as follows:
    • Member registrations go to Business
    • Financial documents go to Business
  • Departmental documents go to the corresponding Executive.
  • Document postage expenditures and submit receipts to Business for reimbursement.

Contact: Secretary

Special Events

Special Events 2nd Production Manager

  • Hired by and answers to the Special Events Director.
  • Is prepared to assume the duties and responsibilities of the Special Events Director should he/she become unable to complete his/her duties.
  • Helps oversee and run all Special Events activities and staff.
  • Shares coverage of at-con duties with the Special Events Director.
  • Covers for the Special Events Director at con during mandatory executive meetings at con.
  • Trains with their exec to become a future exec.
  • When given a proxy vote, substitutes for the exec at meetings and for voting.

Gaming Staff

  • Works with gaming Shift Leads to supervise gaming room.
  • Help people find and sign up for games, take head counts, and distribute raffle tickets.
  • All ages accepted.

Masquerade Head Den Parent

  • Assist Masquerade participants backstage Saturday evening.
  • Familiarity with Masquerade process and costume construction and a calm, supportive personality preferred.
  • Organizing and assisting the other den parents in meeting contestants’ needs.
  • Helping maintain calm for contestants and den parents.
  • Making sure contestants are finished with last minute adjustments in plenty of time to be turned over to the stage manager.
  • Helping contestants access the International Costumer’s Guild repair kit when needed.
  • Getting the winners ready to go back on stage when the judges are ready to announce them.

Masquerade Judges’ Clerk

  • Assist Masquerade judges on Saturday evening.
  • Familiarity with Google Forms and basic understanding of the Masquerade process preferred.


  • Tapes the Masquerade event.
  • Edits the Masquerade tape, puts it on disc, and distributes it to interested parties.

Contact: Special Events