Monster Hunting

Cosmic Ash Studios

Presented by Cosmic Ash Studios
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Cosmic Ash Studios presents the 2018 prop contest. The theme is monster hunting. This year’s challenge is to create a prop that’s themed after taming, hunting, or farming monsters and critters. There is no specific period for design. You can go futuristic, modern, Victorian, or even prehistoric if that’s what inspires you. For example, if you’ve got ghoulish fairies snatching your favorite apples off the tree, maybe a sonic disruptor would be the humane way to take care of them. Entries are open to anyone attending the convention. There are prizes for the top three finishers. All contestants will have reserved seating during the masquerade.


You will be judged on:

  1. Originality: Have you created something that stands out in a crowd?

  2. Construction: Is your prop well-made? Is it painted properly?

  3. Back story: How does your piece fit into this world? How did it come about?


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