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Be the crew, report to the bridge!  Artemis is a Spaceship Bridge Simulator where players assume the jobs of Captain, Helm, Science, Communication, Engineering, and Weapon Control.  Together you operate your ship and defend the sector from evil aliens.  Artemis simulates spaceship bridges by networking several computers together. One screen acts as the “main screen” of a bridge, while others serve as stations for the normal jobs a bridge crew might do. Artemis is a social game where several players work together on each bridge, and one player plays the Captain, who doesn’t have a station but tells everyone else what to do.  Multiple bridges can participate together in cooperative multi-ship missions. Each simulation runs 20-40 minutes. Players can drop in any time.

Game Types

Open Play: 2–12 players at a time, drop-in/drop-out at any time.

All-Ages Training: All ages are welcome and we will spend time training people on various stations. There will be actual beginner level games, no experience needed.  2–12 players at a time, games every 20–30 minutes.

Away Team Mission: The crippled TSN Diana is now undergoing reconstruction at DS1, but the recent mission to recover it has attracted unwanted attention from the Arvonian fleets which are now advancing on DS1. Your mission is to protect both DS1 and the Diana from the Arvonian invasion. This is a scripted mission with a plot whereby some players will need to go off on an Away Team mission (prior experience with “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” may be helpful). This mission is a sequel to last year’s Away Team Mission at Norwescon 40 (but no prior knowledge required). 6–16 players required per occurrence, more players can be recruited from the audience during the game as needed.

Fighters!: Carrier ships are manned by some crew members while others jump in single-seat fighter craft to go dogfight with enemy ships. 2–16 players at a time, games every 20-30 minutes.

Pirates: Yarrr! Players run pirate spaceships and plunder enemy ships and bases.  6–12 players at a time, games every 20-30 minutes.

PvP: Player crews are pitted against each other for bragging rights. Some prior experience preferred. 8–12 players at a time.

Space Camp: Kids 8 and up are invited to come fly a spaceship! Bring a parent. 2–12 players at a time, games every 20 minutes. 

Any group with a crew of 4 or more people can pre-book a bridge during any open slot. Contact Artemis staff in Cascade 3 to reserve a bridge.


Thursday Friday Saturday
noon All-Ages Training Open Play Open Play
1 p.m. All-Ages Training Open Play Fighters
2 p.m. All-Ages Training Away Team Mission Open Play
3 p.m. Open Play Space Camp (8+) Away Team Mission
4 p.m. Fighters CLOSED
5 p.m. Open Play
6 p.m. Away Team Mission Open Play Pirates
7 p.m. CLOSED Away Team Mission Open Play
8 p.m. Open Play Open Play PvP
9 p.m. Pirates PvP CLOSED
10 p.m. Open Play Open Play
11 p.m. Open Play Open Play

If you’d like to start training for your command post early, the Artemis manual is available to download (6.1MB .pdf); and here’s a training video that offers a comprehensive overview of the simulation.

 Artemis at Norwescon 41