Dances at Norwescon

After sitting in panels and attending more sedentary events during the day, come and get your blood flowing with our themed dances! We’ll have Karaoke on Thursday, and dances Friday and Saturday featuring many different styles of music and a variety of DJs to get your groove on. Costumes are encouraged and fannish classics are always crowd-pleasers. Bring old friends and meet new people as you shake that thing!

Evergreen 3&4
8 p.m.—2 a.m.
Come dance the night away in a fabulous mechanical undersea world! Wear your scuba gear or just tread water as best you can in whatever you’ve got on. Swim with the sharks and float with the jellyfish! (No actual water, sharks, or jellyfish will be present. There might be mermaids.)
Grand 3
9:30 p.m.—2 a.m.
Get your roar on and shake your armored tail as we uncover the mystery of which song will be played next! Cosplaying your favorite dinosaur or prehistoric creature is optional, but highly recommended.

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