Oh No, Not Again: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Burlesque

The Guide has this to say about burlesque: It is a performance art that evolved from another performance art which is derived from a literary art that mocks other art while sometimes providing social commentary and at other times is simple frivolity and silliness as theatrical art. In its later evolutions, burlesque commonly enjoins the performer attempting to seduce the audience and making humorous reveals through the use of brightly decorated and sparkling battle clothing, through a deterministic co-evaluation principle, that leads to greater and larger reveals, often to humorous or other emotional effects. Burlesque performances to Vogon poetry, for safety reasons, are not recommended. A previous attempt at interpretive dance to one of Azgoths of Kria’s poems resulted in the death of four audience members from internal hemorrhaging.

Oh No, Not Again features performances from bi-pedal life forms such as Foxxy Squires, Bella La Blanc, Mandy Flame, Morgue Anne, Miss Violet DeVille, and more! Doors open at 9:00 pm, show at 9:30 pm!