The Norwescon Artists’ Workshop is a program designed to help artists improve their craft. The workshop provides artists with an opportunity to develop their skills through a critique of their work by Norwescon panelists, professional artists, and their peers. It is also an opportunity to network with other artists, learn about markets and submissions, and be part of the community of artists at Norwescon.

How it works:

The workshop is open to anyone with a Norwescon membership.

Workshop participants fill out the application form (to be posted later this year) and submit photos of up to five pieces of their work.  All submissions must meet Norwescon art show policies.

Each participant is matched with two to three Norwescon pros and one other workshop participant for a critique session. To receive the most relevant input on technique, we try to match workshop participants with pros who work in the same or similar media. During the session, the panel will focus on technique and the goals of each particular artist. Additionally, each workshop participant will participate on the critique panel for another workshop participant.

Critique sessions are 50 minutes and are scheduled during the convention. The workshop participant brings originals or prints of their work to their critique session for viewing. Photos can be used for works that are unsuitable for transport.

Questions?  E-mail us at