The Shine

Forget about the tuxedo, the parachute, and the collagen injections — this is a film festival you can have fun at!

Since 2000, the annual Fandance Film Festival at Norwescon has brought the madness of filmmaking to us all. Every year, we watch all the latest, greatest, funniest, weirdest, and most bleeding, squealing, giant-smashing-roboting edge entertainment still available without extensive tipping (mind you, we’re not saying no…). The festival is a celebration of low- and no-budget cinema, brought to wondrous lurching life by amateur filmmakers from all around the Pacific Northwest.

More than just the movies, this 120-minute extravaganza of entertainment also includes the filmmakers who regale you with terrifying tales of their productions. Be there or be a regular right quadrilateral!

The Fandance Film Festival is also the final phase of the Hellbender Filmmaking workshop. The Workshop walks participants through every step of making a movie, from conception to the premiere of the finished product.

The Pitch

The integral part of this is, of course, the movies. We need ’em! The shorter, the better (ten minutes maximum length — no minimum length). Any genre is fine (but if you’re smart, you’ll realize that this is a sci-fi/fantasy type convention), but the judges reserve the right to be way grossed out by what they see. We reserve other rights as well (including not showing something), but we can’t spell them out here, and if you tried pronouncing them your tongue would become a macramé Klein bottle and there’s no two ways about that!

The Fine Print

Look for official rules and submission information for Norwescon 41’s Fandance Film Festival later this year!