Pros and Panelists

We are very happy to welcome the following guests, professionals, performers, and panelists to Norwescon 41! If you are interested in participating in Norwescon 42, please see our Becoming a Panelist page for information on what we are looking for.

Shweta Adhyam
Susan Adrian
Barth Anderson
Dr. Dana Andrews
Alan Andrist
Liz Barlow
Donna Barr
Astrid Bear
Greg Bear
Carmen Beaudry
Jason Behnke
Strix Beltrán
Sheye Anne Blaze
Arthur Bozlee
K Tempest Bradford
Kathryn Brant
Joseph Brassey
Mike Brennan
Charlotte Lewis Brown
Jennifer Brozek
Kurt Cagle
Minim Calibre
Adrienne Carlson
Joseph Carriker
Christina Cato
Orchid Cavett
Curtis C. Chen
Cheryce Clayton
Tina Connolly
Brenda Cooper
Tanya D.
Dave Davis
Lilith Dawn
Joy Alyssa Day
Gabriel de los Angeles
Dan DeLong
Julie Dillon
Dr. Ricky
Dan Dubrick
Andy Dudak
Spencer Ellsworth
Russell Ervin
Crystal Frasier

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Interested in being a panelist at Norwescon 42? See our Becoming a Panelist page for information on what we’re looking for!