(Expanded from page 38 (v.13.1) of the Policies and Procedures guide.)

First and foremost, Norwescon has been and continues to be a very photo-friendly convention. With very few exceptions, we place no restrictions upon when, where, or whom you can shoot. In fact, to make it easy, our photo policy is simply this:

  1. Please be respectful. We understand that with so many gorgeous outfits, it’s tempting to simply snap shots willy-nilly. However, it’s polite to make sure your subject knows that you are taking their picture and does not mind having their picture taken (and this is especially true in the evening hours, when costumes may begin to have fewer layers than during the day). A friendly smile and a quick “Do you mind?” will keep everyone happy.
  2. Keep hallways clear. Costumes are everywhere at Norwescon, and photo opportunities abound. When taking shots in the halls, please be sure to keep an eye out for traffic. If you’re in a particularly busy area, or if people are waiting to get through without interrupting your photo, please either pause to let people pass or consider finding another space for your shot. Once again, a little common courtesy goes a long way.

And really, that about sums it up.

Of course, there are a very few situations where we have to be a little more strict. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. No photography in the Art Show. Most, if not all, of the art on display at the Art Show is for sale — so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that photography isn’t permitted here. Many of the artists will be more than happy to let you take their artwork home with you, they’d just prefer not to give it away for free.
  2. No photography during Friday’s 18+ Special Event. Due to the adult nature of the show and by request of the performers, we ask that you keep your camera off during the performance. The only photographers permitted have already been pre-approved by Norwescon. Thank you for your cooperation.
  3. No flash photography during Saturday’s Masquerade. Think of it this way: if you were all wrapped up in a fancy costume that you had worked weeks or months on, navigating your way along a stage in a large dark room, perhaps with your vision blocked or impaired in some way by your costume, would you want a sudden huge flash of light distracting you? There’s simply too much potential for accidents, so please — keep your flash turned off in the Masquerade.
  4. Let staff direct the post-Masquerade photo area. We will once again be setting up our post-Masquerade photo area in the hotel lobby on Saturday evening. There are a limited number of seats, and there is a limited amount of space behind the seats for photographers to stand. All of this space, save a few front-row seats for Norwescon-approved photographers, is first come, first serve. We must keep the hallway open for people to pass through, so please follow the directions of any Norwescon security if you are asked to move.Also, while some of the people modeling their costumes may have some prior modeling experience, most do not. Please, do not try to direct models by shouting to “turn left,” “look over here,” or any other direction. Norwescon staff will be directing the models, and we will do our best to ensure that everyone is afforded a chance for a good shot. However, understand that factors such as inexperience, limited hearing due to costumes that cover the head, or simple nerves from being on display in front of a large group of photographers may make it difficult for models to do exactly what you want. Be respectful of models and Norwescon staff, and if you miss one incredible costume, rest assured — you’ll have plenty of chances with other costumes!

Finally, one last request — please share your photos! What fun are photos if nobody gets to see them? We at Norwescon love to see the shots you take over the weekend. Not only that, but all those people who work so hard to create the costumes, panels, dances, and events that you’ll be shooting love to see themselves in the photos you take!

The easiest way to share your photos is by setting up an account at Flickr, Yahoo’s popular photo sharing site, uploading your photos, and adding them to the Norwescon group. We always look forward to seeing what you see over the convention weekend!

As long as you’re sharing your Norwescon photos, do you have any from prior years floating around on your hard drive (or ready to be scanned)? We have set up Flickr groups for every Norwescon ever held — unfortunately, many of those groups have few photos or no photos at all (especially for years prior to Norwescon 28). We would be absolutely thrilled if you had any shots of Norwescons past that you could contribute to any one or more of those groups!

And that wraps it up. Thanks very much!