Art in Action

What is Art in Action?

Art in Action is a unique place for artists and creators to come together with Norwescon members. It provides an area for artists and creators to show and teach Norwescon members about what they love creating. This area provides table space for demonstrations and make-and-takes for the members. These activities are a great way for artist and creators to spread the love they have for their art form by talking directly to those who are inspired by it. For Norwescon members, it is a chance to see how things are made and to talk to artists, artisans, and creators about what they do. Whether it is a creator they already know or someone they have just discovered, members will get a chance to learn from a designer’s perspective. Some designers will have a make-and-take (a project with all the pieces provided) to teach you how to create a project to take away. Some make-and-takes may have a fee, but others will be free. Some artists and creators may have a few items for sale also. Nothing is more satisfying than directly buying a piece of art from the artist or creator. Art in Action replaces the former Artists’ Alley and will be open Thursday through Sunday. The area will have a rotating schedule, so that hour-to-hour and day-to-day you’ll be able to find something new to enjoy. Drop by and discover an adventure in creativity!

For Artists and Creators:

If you are an artist or creator and wish to sign up for Art in Action, please take a moment to review this year’s Art in Action policies (45KB .pdf), and when you’re ready, our application form is available here.

Norwescon 41 Participants

We will list this year’s Art in Action participants in early 2018. Check back then!

Questions or comments? Drop us a line!