Media Mentions

Mechanical hand project debuted at Norwescon 34

Norwescon was mentioned in an account of a project to develop a functional mechanical hand. It turns out that a gadget first created for a costume, and first shown publicly at Norwescon 34, is being adapted to assist a South African man who lost fingers on his right hand in a woodworking accident. Read More »

Katrina Marier paneling at Norwescon 35

SF (and Norwescon) Big in the Northwest

Congratulations to ConCom member Katrina Marier, who was recently interviewed for a Seattle Times article about fandom in the Pacific Northwest! Read More »

NWC34 On Adventure TV

The Seattle Community Media series Adventure TV broadcast an hour-long look at last year's Norwescon 34. Enjoy this look back! Read More »

Rudy Rucker on io9

Author Rudy Rucker mentions winning the Philip K. Dick Award in 1989 in this excerpt on io9 from his recently published autobiography, Nested Scrolls. Read More »

2011 Best of Western Washington

Thanks to your support and votes, Norwescon has been voted #11 in the Best Local Event category of the 2011 Best of Western Washington competition. Read More »

Rainn Wilson in the Los Angeles Times

Actor and comedian Rainn Wilson mentions Norwescon in an article in the Los Angeles Times. Read More »

Rainn Wilson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Actor and comedian Rainn Wilson mentioned attending Norwescon in his youth during this interview on the late-night Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show. Read More »

Norwescon 8 on Seattle’s KOMO4

Thanks to Don Glover for uploading this gem: ten minutes of coverage of Norwescon 8, in 1985, on Seattle's KOMO4! Read More »