Suites Going Fast!

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Still thinking about reserving a suite for parties or larger get-togethers during Norwescon 35? Don’t put it off for long! Suites are reserving fast — right now, all Lakeside and Presidential suites are _sold out_! Parlor and Family suites are still available.

Advertise in the Norwescon 35 Program Book

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The Norwescon Program Book is distributed to 3,000+ members during the convention each year. This approximately 75 page document is produced on high-gloss paper in color and black and white and features information about our Guests of Honor, panelists, pros, the programming schedule for the convention, artwork and more. Ad space is available in the Norwescon 35 Program Book.

Scheduled Gaming Update

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Scheduled Gaming

Games already scheduled for NWC35: Cthulhu Tech RPG, Poo The Card Game, Nuts!, The Impossible Machine, Hecho, Cambria, Hibernia, Globalization, The Target, Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Cutthroat Caverns, Cleopatra, 7 Wonders, Dominion, Mansions of Madness, Elder Sign, Dominant Species, Kingsburg, Stoneage, Battlelore, and Memoir ’44.