Art Show

NWC36 Art Show MapThe Norwescon Art Show consistently highlights some of the best in fantasy and science-fiction themed artwork of all types. Featuring work by our Artist Guest of Honor plus many regional artists, we delight in bringing the best possible artwork to you.

The Norwescon art show staff are excited to announce Lee Moyer as Norwescon 36′s Artist Guest of Honor. His award winning work will be the highlighted feature of this year’s Art Show. Along with our other great artists we are excitedly looking for new participants to bring to the art show.

Norwescon 36 Art Show Awards

From the Panel of Judges:

Best in ShowLee Moyer: Theora
1st PlaceStephanie Pui-mun Law: Firefly Hunters
2nd PlaceHeather Hudson: Out of the Closet
3rd placeTheresa Halbert: Guardian of Avalon
Best ColorMark Tedin: Chaos Orb 2013
Best Black & WhiteJulie Baroh: Faerie Wasponry
Best Mixed MediaMichael Duquette: Nazca Machine
Best 3DGabe Marquez: Uberlopz
Best TextileSandra Ackley: The Navigator
Best JewelrySquirrel: Naboo

People’s Choice:

Best of ShowLee Moyer: Theora
Best HumorRobin Kaplan: Tea Rex
Best Science FictionJeff Sturgeon: Essence of Humanity
Best FantasyAimee Stewart: The Dreaming Tree
Best HorrorCat Grey: Robert
Best 3DButch Honeck: Teeter Totter Twins
Best JewelryKatherine Howes: Weeping Garden

We would also like to congratulate Leanne Dunn for receiving this year’s NWC Raising Artist Scholarship to be applied to her education at the Northwest College of Art.

## News for artists: ### Art Show Online (For Artists Only) Please use the [Online Art Show tool][oast] to register for the art show. [oast]: “Norwescon Registration Console” If you are a member of the art show please use the [Add and Edit Art tool][aaeat] to input your art into the program and print out your bid tags. [aaeat]: “Norwescon Add and Edit Art tool” ### Norwescon Art Show Sold Out The Norwescon 36 Art Show is filled to capacity. We do maintain a waitlist in case of cancellations. If you are interested in being added to the waitlist please contact us at [][contact page]. [contact page]: /about/contact-info/?target_dept=Art%20Show “Contact the Art Show” ### Sign Up All of the information you need to sign up for the Art Show is now available for download. * [Letter to Artists][3] (42KB .pdf) * [Art Show Policies][4] (90KB .pdf) * [Art Show Snap Shot][5] (90KB .pdf) [3]: /documents/nwc_36/nwc36_letter_to_artists.pdf “NWC36 Letter to Artists (42KB .pdf)” [4]: /documents/nwc_36/nwc36_art_show_policies.pdf “NWC36 Art Show Policies (90KB .pdf)” [5]: /documents/nwc_36/nwc36_art_show_snap_shot.pdf “NWC36 Art Show Snap Shot (90KB .pdf)” If you have any questions always feel free to contact us directly. You can reach us through the [contact page][] or directly at [][email]. [email]: “Email”

Exhibiting Artists

Following is a list of artists exhibiting at Norwescon 36.

Sandra Ackley
John P. Alexander
Donna Barr
Alan F. Beck
Brass and Steam Productions
Mark Brill
Jo Brown
Michael Brugger
Laura Cameron
Rob Carlos Fantasy Art
Eden Celeste
Peri Charlifu
Sarah Clemens
Jennifer Cox
Diana Daniels
T. Diaz
Cori Dietsch
Christopher Doll
Michael Duquette
Richard Enloe
Evening Angel
Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk
April Faires
Rose Fisher
Josh Foreman
Christy “Goldenwolf” Grandjean
Gempunk Jewelry
Cat Gray
John R. Gray III
Laura Grover
Theresa Halbert
Patricia Hedegaard
Douglas Herring
Matthew Hinshaw
Butch Honeck
Eden Hopkins
Katherine Howes
Heather Hudson
Claire Hummel
Hugh Jardon
Robin Kaplan
David Ketcherside
Krab Jab Studio
Walter Lounsbury
L. Pierce Ludke
Meg Lyman
Theresa Mather
Colleen Maughan
Shellay Lynne Maughan
Patricia McCracken
Betsy Mott
Lee Moyer
Leslie Newcomer
My Treehouse Studio
Laurie Noel
Northwest College of Art & Design
Margaret Organ-Kean
Darlene Ostrowski
David Lee Pancake
Peter Pan
Ruth Peterson
Carol Phillips
Kevin Radthorne
Jon C. Rogers
Sandra Santara
Mark Roland
Aimee Stewart
Djinnifer Stonecastle
Stopped Motion Photography
Marjorie Stratton
Jeff Sturgeon
Chris Sumption
Bryan Syme
T.M. Originals
Crystal Taggart
Anita Taylor
Ruth Thompson
Tammy Tripp
Sara Twitty
K. Amarak Waters
Patty Watson

Art Show Volunteers

The art show is looking for more great volunteers. Become part of the team who make the art show fun and successful. If you are interested in joining us please contact our volunteer department through the contact page. We would love to hear from you.

The Norwescon Art Show Managers are Doug and Pat Booze.

Questions or comments? Contact us through the [contact page][].