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The Northwest's Premier Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Video Programming

TV Channel 46

3:00 pm Night of the Living Dead: 1968 NR
4:40 pm Dr. Who: Planet of the Dead
5:40 pm Torchwood: Children of Earth: Part 1
8:35 pm Red Dwarf : The End
9:00 pm RD Kryten
9:30 pm Zombieland R
11:00 pm Transfomers PG

1:20 am Transfomers 2 PG
3:50 am Lexx: Eating Patten
5:20 am Lexx: Super Nova
7:00 am Ice Age 3 G
8:30 am Dark Crystal PG
10:00 am Battlestar Galactica: 1978 PG
12:05 pm Buck Rogers in the 25th Century PG
1:35 pm Buck Rogers: Planet of the Slave Girls
3:10 pm Torchwood: Children of Earth: Part 2
5:10 pm Star Trek: 2009 PG
7:15 pm Twilight PG-13
9:20 pm South Park: Ungroundable
9:40 pm Repo! The Genetic Opera R
11:20 pm Rocky Horror Picture Show

1:00 am V: Series
4:10 am Lexx: Lafftrak
4:55 am Time Tunnel: The Day the Sky Fell-in
7:30 am Labyrinth PG
9:00 pm Coraline PG
9:10 am Max Headroom: Blipuert
10:00 am Bablon 5: The Lost Tales
11:10 am Quark
11:35 am Family Guy: Something Dark Side
12:30 pm Red Dwarf: Polymorph
1:00 pm Red Dwarf: Back to Reality
1:25 pm Red Dwarf: Back to Earth
2:35 pm Max Headroom: Body Banks
3:25 pm Red Dwarf: Only the Good
3:55 pm Robot Chicken: Star Wars 2
4:35 pm Dr. Who: The End of Word
7:00 pm Norwescon Masquerade: Live!
9:30 pm Under the Hood
10:05 pm Watchmen: 12 episodes

3:30 am Tales of the Black Freighter R
3:55 am Lexx: I Worship His Shadow
5:30 am Lexx: Giga Shadow
7:00 am Peter Pan PG
9:00 am Norwescon Masquerade: Taped
10:00 am Transfomers 1 PG
12:00 am Transfomers 2 PG

TV Channel 48

10:00 am Cosmos
4:05 pm Theremin an Electronic Odyssey PG
5:30 pm Meet Dave PG
7:00 pm Speed Racer PG
9:10 pm The Happening R
10:40 pm Rollerball R

12:45 am Stargate PG
2:50 am Doomsday R
4:40 am Journey to the Center the Earth PG
6:15 am Labyinth G
7:55 am Mirrormask G
9:35 am George Lucas in Love PG
10:00 am Troop
10:10 am Farscape: Premiere
11:00 am Firefly: Sernity
12:30 pm Space: Above and Beyond - Pilot
2:00 pm Time Tunnel
2:50 pm Max Headroom: Rakers
3:40 pm Flash Gordon: TV Series
4:05 pm Flash Gordon: Movie PG
6:00 pm Nosferatu PG
7:20 pm Streets of Fire PG
8:50 pm South Park: Major Boobage
9:10 pm Heavy Metal R
10:40 pm Kentucky Fried Movie R

12:05 am Cannibal the Musical R
1:40 am Blade Runner R
3:40 am Battlestar Galactica: 1978 PG
5:45 am Max Headroom: War
6:30 am Sarah Jane Adventures: Show 1
7:30 am Sarah Jane Adventures: Show 2
8:30 am Sarah Jane Adventures: Show 3
9:20 am Man on the Wire PG
10:55 am Batman: The Dark Knight PG-13
1:30 pm Farscape
4:30 pm Moon PG-13
6:10 pm Red Dwarf: Pet
7:00 pm Norwescon Masquerade: Live!
9:30 pm Harry Potter: Half-Blood Prince PG

12:05 am District 9 R
1:55 am Aeonflux PG
3:30 am Ultraviolet R
5:05 am Futurama: The Beast with Back
5:20 am Monster vs. Aliens G
8:05 am Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs G
9:35 am Star Trek: 2009 PG
11:40 am Batman: The Dark Knight PG-13




Copyright © Norwescon 2010  
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