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The Northwest's Premier Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

Art Show

The art show is sold out.
If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please email the Art Show at

Norwescon Art Show Heralds in Another Great Year
The Norwescon art show staff are thrilled to present John Jude Palencar as Norwescon 33’s Artist Guest of Honor.  His award winning work will be the highlighted feature of this year’s Art Show.  Along with our many great artists that we have had in the past, we are excitedly looking for new faces to bring to the show.  

News for artists:

Art Show Online (For Artists Only)
Please use the
Online Art Show tool to log into the Online Art Show. You can update your profile information and add and edit your art and print out your bid tags within this online tool.

All of the information you need to sign up for the Art Show is now available for download.

If you have any questions always feel free to contact us directly.  You can reach us at artshow at Norwescon dot org.

Art Show Volunteers:
The art show is looking for more great volunteers.  Become part of the team who make the art show fun and successful.  If you are interested in joining us please contact our volunteer department at volunteers at Norwescon dot org. We would love to hear from you.

The Norwescon 33 Art Show Managers are Doug and Pat Booze

Participating Artists:
Adele Lorienne
Alan M. Clark
Aimee Stewart
April Faires
Betsy Mott
Bryan and Tabitha Syme
Butch Honeck
Chris Sumption
Christine D. Winters
Claudett Wagner
Collection of Mildred Downey Broxon
Collection of Becky Fallis
David Ketcherside
Donna Barr
Douglas Herring
Eden Hopkins
Elizabeth Fellows
Evening Angel
Gayle MacArthur
Gemma Woodhouse
Gerald Minor
Gwen McComb
Jacqualynn Duram Nilsson
Jeff Knutson
Jeff Sturgeon
Jennifer J. Kelley
Jo Brown
John Jude Palencar
John P. Alexander
John R. Gray III
Joshua Foreman
Julie Baroh
K. Amarak Waters
Kevin Radthorne
Kyle Abernethy
Leslie Newcomer
Lily Munn
Mad Bee
Margaret Organ-Kean
Mark Roland
Mark Tedin
Megan McBurney
Mimi Noyes
Monika Livingstone
Nina Tabares
Patty A. Watson
Peggy Foy
Peri Charlifu
Peter Pan
Philip Wagner
Phillip Brugalette
Rebecca Schumacher
Rena Bassilvergoran
Rita Townley
Rob Carlos dba Colorsmith Productions
Roberta Gregory
Roger Wheeler
Rory Clark
Russell D. Campbell
Ruth Peterson
Sandra Santara
Sarah Clemens
Stacey Hardin
Stephen Lestat
Strange World Studio
Stu Shepherd
Tammie Dupuis
Tammy Knox
Tattoo Stacy
Tenaya Sims
Teresa Miller
Theresa Lee Costanzo
Theresa Mather
Tiffany A. Toland
Tina Klein-Lebbink




Copyright © Norwescon 2010  
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