Guests of Honor


Guest of Honor:

R.A. Salvatore

New York Times

Best Selling Author

Artist Guest of Honor:

Todd Lockwood

Multiple Award-

Winning Artist

Spotlight Publisher:

Wizards of the


Special Guest:

Geno Salvatore

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PK Dick Ceremony Videos


Youtube videos have been posted from the Philip K Dick award ceremony on the Photo and Video page. Also you can see digital copies of the Daily 'Zine on the Publications page.


Posted April 11, 2009 



EMP|SFM at Norwescon


Could your Wookie make you rich? Is that autograph worth the poster it’s signed on? Stop wondering if the end to your economic worries is buried in your closet.........more


Posted April 6, 2009 


2009 Philip K. Dick Award Judges Announced

The five Philip K. Dick Award judges have been announced. See the News and Forums page for the full press release.


Posted March 31, 2009 


More Programming Info Added!


Along with the printable programming grid you can now see descriptions of the events. Check out the events schedule page for more info. Also added: Video Programming schedule and Guest of Honor events schedule.


Posted March 28, 2009 


Norwescon Town Hall Meeting Panel


This is your chance to shape the future! We want to hear from our members what you want to see happen at future Norwescons. Nothing is a sacred cow. Bring your ideas for reshaping the convention. Stand up and be heard or if you prefer drop a note and be anonymous. We really want to hear from you. This panel will be held two times over the convention weekend. Friday 11AM-NOON in Evergreen 2 and Saturday 11AM-NOON in Grand Ballroom 2. 


Posted March 4, 2009 


Stuffing Party Details


Registration packet stuffing party details are now available. See the News and Forums page.


Posted February 24, 2009 


Preorder Your Convention T-Shirt


Norwescon 32 clothing is now available through off world designs. Check out the Merch!


Posted February 22, 2009