Norwescon 28: March 24 - 27, 2005

Approaching the Convention lobby.

Norwescon Convention lobby.


An overworked Registration Volunteer.
(photo courtesy Jeff Smith)

The dealers room.



A happy dealer.


More dealers room.
(photo courtesy Jeff Smith)


Hospitality follows the theme.
(photo courtesy Jeff Smith)


Peeking into hospitality.


The good
(photo courtesy Jeff Smith)

The Bad
(photo courtesy Jeff Smith)

and The Ugly
(photo courtesy Jeff Smith)


The Norwescon office, nerve center of the convention. Oh man, are we in trouble...


View from the back of a panel discussion.
(photo courtesy Jeff Smith)

Books from this years publisher.

Cover art from the P. K. Dick nominated books.

Michael Whelan and Greg Bear at the P. K. Dick Awards.

L. Timmel Duchamp accepting the PKD Award for 'Life' by Gwyneth Jones

Lyda Morehouse, P. K. Dick Award nominee.

Eileen Gunn, P. K. Dick Award nominee.

Minister Faust, P. K. Dick Award nominee.

Karen Traviss, P. K. Dick Award nominee.

William does his bit for the charity auction.

Our Chair, Head of Operations, and Head of Programming take the compliments ... and the heat for this years convention.

The Vice Chair and Hotel Liaison watch from the safety of the audience.

Richard Stephens struts his stuff at closing ceremonies.

Tom Doherty of Tor Books at closing ceremonies.

Alan Dean Foster at closing ceremonies.

Suzette Haden Elgin at closing ceremonies.


The head of Tech services presents and volunteer award.