Norwescon 27: April 8 - 11, 2004

Carol and Mike Resnick on a tour of the Seattle Underground.

Gay and Joe Haldeman on a ferry trip across Puget Sound.

Norwescon Chair Shawn Marier (left) and Former Chair William Sadorus.

Former Chair and scooter maniac Michael Citrak.


Former Chair Stephen Bard at a Guest of Honor Meet and Greet.


A view of Norwescon Registration.


Mike Resnick and Richard Stephens at opening ceremonies.


Hospitality Friday afternoon.


At the Philip K. Dick awards.


The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame party Friday night.

Peeking into gaming Saturday afternoon.

Norwescon Dealers room.


Artist workshop Friday afternoon.


Hotel liaison Jeanine Swanson in the dealers room.


Richard Stephens and Don Dixon at closing ceremonies.



Beyond Reality Costumer's Guild member Julia Clayton.


Janet Borkowski and David Tackett doing what they do best... whatever that is. 


Photos courtesy Thom Walls 2004

KidKon Costume Parade

Inu Yash and Kagome

Young Trinity

Final Fantasy

The Heros of Padua

Science Dreams

Hogwarts Idol

Lizzie Borden


Lunar Ice

Good Intentions

Phoenix and Undive

Sakura Taisen Ondo

Jessica Rabbit

From The Ashes

Jerry's Junkyard


Vampiresa's Playtime

No Job To Small

Queen Amidala and
Her Handmaidens


The Rapping Urik-Hai

The Court of the
Gems Welcomes
The Return of the King