Norwescon 31 March 2008
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Fandance Film Festival

"No, no, we can do this. We need some oatmeal and some ketchup. I have an idea!"

Every year, since the dawn of humankind, filmmakers have crawled, wriggled, and flollopped their way to Norwescon, a low-budget filmmaker's haven, a place where they know others speak their languages, where Steadicams are made of plumber's pipe, and where "Well, I can make a realistic brain out of an orange and a flashlight!" make perfectly good sense.

In addition to hosting the annual Let's Make a Movie workshop (a soup-to-nuts filmmaking experience that has to be felt to be understood), Norwescon also hosts the Fandance Film Festival (not to be confused with any other kind of dancing, although there are other kinds of dancing at Norwescon, and occasionally, they show up on video), a celebration of low- and no-budget cinema, brought to wondrous lurching life by amateur filmmakers from all around the Pacific Northwest. The Film Festival features shorts made AT the convention, as well as shorts made the year prior, most of the sci-fi/fantasy flavor, some horror, and some just astonishingly weird. All of them are fantastic in more ways than one and each one is introduced or discussed by one or more of the filmmakers, so not only is the Film Festival a great place to watch video strangeness by your fellow fen, but it's also a great place to learn more about the twisted warped and amazing minds behind each piece.

This year, the Fandance Film Festival will be Sunday, March 23, from 1pm to 3pm in Evergreen 1 & 2. Don't miss the show!

The Rules

  1. Filmmakers must be Norwescon members and should be present at the convention to introduce their movie(s)
  2. Movies should be ten minutes or shorter.
  3. Movies should be appropriate genre films for Norwescon
  4. .
  5. Submissions should be on VHS videotape or DVD-R or MiniDV tape
  6. There will probably be no prizes, but the judges urge you to not consider this a deterrent to the occasional bribe. Pop-Tarts, for example.
  7. Entries should be sent to The Fandance Film Festival c/o Guerrilla Productions, 11105 SW Cottonwood Lane, Tigard, OR 97223. Please do NOT send submissions to any other address, as no one will know what to do with them.
  8. All entries must include submitter's name, address, phone number, title of piece, length of piece, and a signed and dated statement declaring "I release all rights to broadcast/display/present this movie to Norwescon for the purposes of the Fandance Film Festival and other supporting situations/advertisement ONLY, including the right to duplicate it for mechanical/projection purposes.", and anything else you think we should know. Entries can be picked back up at the film festival.
  9. The people running this film festival are fairly responsible, but imperfect, being composed entirely of meat.
  10. Therefore, they might make mistakes. In fact, they probably will. I mean, it's Sunday after a long con, so you should just expect a bit of goofing around. But we're doing our best, so please understand and have a little patience.
  11. Any questions can be sent to NWC at


Edward Martin III