Norwescon 29: April 13-16, 2006, DoubleTree Hotel, SeaTac, WA.

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Special Events

Special Events encompasses a number of extravaganzas and incredible events that add spice to your convention going experience. Among the traditional events that you will find at Norwescon are the Masquerade, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Dances, and Autograph sessions. Norwescon will also host events such as the SCA Faire, Lazer Tag, Fannish Fetish Fashion Show, Single Pattern Contest, and much more. Please check back often to see what new information was have added.

The Norwescon 28 Masquerade video is now available is now available in DVD format for $20.

Alan Halfhill
21291 Howard Ave NE
Kingston WA 98346

Norwescon 29 Hall Costume Contest

During the course of the convention, the Norwescon Hall Costume Judges will be haunting the halls looking for those members who are wearing especially interesting and noteworthy costumes. The team plans to award up to 50 Hall Costume Awards to people on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

The Rules

  1. Each member is eligible for only one Norwescon Hall Costume Award during the course of the convention, no matter how many different hall costumes you may wear during the convention.
  2. You must have a Norwescon 29 badge to compete. Anyone who is a member of the convention including ConCom may compete. Only the Hall Costume Judges may not enter.
  3. Professional manufactured or rented costumes are not eligible to compete. Wearing a costume with partially purchased items that the member has pulled together is eligible.
  4. The convention is PG-13. No costume is not a costume. Public decency laws will be enforced by the convention.
  5. All weapons must be peacebonded.
  6. No messy substances – wet, dry, or oily that might ruin someone else’s costume.
  7. This is a hall costume contest. That means you should be able to move around the convention without losing bits and pieces or putting someone’s eye out.
  8. Masquerade entries are ineligible for Hall Costume Awards.

Those lucky winners will receive ribbons, early seating in the Masquerade Saturday evening, and the right to participate in the Costume Parade as part of the Masquerade half-time show. Hall Costume Award winners may also compete for the “Best Of” in the following categories: Best of Show – Hall Costume, Most Creative Use of Materials, Best Workmanship, Best Recreation, Judges Choice. Judging for the “Best Of” categories will take place Saturday night after Masquerade (10:00pm, Cascade 5). Anyone who has won a hall costume award is eligible to compete.