Norwescon 29: April 13-16, 2006, DoubleTree Hotel, SeaTac, WA.

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Art Show

Artists Displaying at Norwescon as of 4/5/06

Alexander, Durlyn
Alexander, John P.
Ashford-Trotter, Anita
Ballum Sherri
Barr, Donna
Beck, Alan
Bee, Madolin
Bellerud, Blane
Bigelow, Betty
Bortvedt, Emily
Brugalette, Phillip
Burtis, Lori "Shaughnessy"
Celeste, Eden
Charlifu, Peri
Clark, Rory
Coelho, Aaron
Cordochorea, Dorothy
Cox, Ed
DeLaOsa, Loren
Dunlop, Shirlee
Duram-Nilsson, Jacqualynn
Eaves, Michaela
Faires, April
Fellows, Elizabeth
Foreman, Joshua
Gray III, John R.
Gregory, Roberta
Hail, Elizabeth
Halfhill, Patty
Herring, Douglas
Honeck, Butch
Hovnatanian, Pamelina
Hudson, Heather
Hull, Bobbie Benton
Isitt, Benjamin
Jones, PS
Kalin, Jon
Keeney, Polly
Klein-Lebbink, Tina
Knutson, Jeffrey N.
Lawson, Pearl
Lawson, Alton
Livingston, Monika
Lockwood, Todd
MacArthur, Gayle
Mather, Theresa
Mickelson, Tammy
Milliorn, Thomas
Montoure, Michael
Moss, Dresden Liam
Mott, Betsy
Newcomer, Leslie
Noyes, Mimi
Patterson, Jane
Peterson, Ruth
Radthorne, Kevin
Robinson, Glory
Roland, Mark
Roxburgh, Monica J.
SanTara, Sandra
Schumacher, Rebecca
Schwisow, Wayne
Sisson, Abranda Icle
Smith, GregRobin
Stewart, Peggy
Stratton, Marjorie
Sturgeon, Jeff
Sumption, Christofer
Terpenning, Carla
Thompson, Ruth
Townley, Rita
Valentine, LouAnna
Wagner, Claudette
WatersvKeith Amarak
Zimpel/Sea, Roger/Sherry

Artist Registration:

Registration for display space in the Norwescon 29 Art Show is now closed.

If you have already reserved a space in the Art Show, use our Art Show data management web application to enter the artwork you are displaying in the Art Show. If you prefer, you can print out a control form and bid tags, that you can complete and bring with you to the convention. Please do not mail forms to us unless you have are a mail-in artist, in which case you can enclose them with the art.

New Art Show Hours:

Artist set-up is Thursday 4:00pm-8:00 pm and Friday 8:00am-10:00am

Open Hours:

    Friday 10:00am-6:00pm
    Saturday 10:00am-7:00pm (bidding closes on Saturday at 7:00 pm)
    Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm (art show is open for sales only)
    Art Auction noon-3:00pm

Artist checkout 4:00pm-6:00pm ONLY!! Please do not check out prior to 4:00pm. All of our volunteers will be busy selling Art.