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Cascade 3   NWC28Pre-Masquerade Meeting II Computer-Music Connection Order in the (Alien?) Court! Poetry Workshop II Quantum Dots Pulling Them In: Entry Level SF The Future of Education Technological Cusp Points Angels and Aliens Living Manipulatory Member to Gustatory Orifice Bush's Plan to Go to Mars   Cascade 3
Cascade 4   How Does Language Influence Thought? Parenting at a Convention Lyrics and Songwriting Workshop Lower the Launch Costs Computer/Social Interact Filk Workshop - Voice Chivalry and the Modern World How Does the Beginner . . . Blogging, Fun, and Profit Tarot Cards Shared World Fiction   Cascade 4
Cascade 5   Intelligent Design Sci-Fi Gets What it Deserves Armor in the Movies We Loved and Hated Bringing the Background Forward We're ALONE! History Misuse in Movies Really Alien Languages Conversational Klingon The Future of Short Fiction The Emotional Palette of Horror Successful SW Businesses How Stories End   Cascade 5
Cascade 6   Turning a Game into a Book Which First: Character or Setting? The Early Astronomers Cartoon Guilty Pleasures Writing a Book a Year Animals in Horror Plot, Setting, and Characters The Most Disturbing Films Ever Writing Essentials 106 Character Development for Everyone Languages in Gaming Gaming Evolution   Cascade 6
Cascade 7   Found Object Costuming Session Sword and Sorcery Developing SF/F Worlds The Ultimate Illustrator’s Dilemma Runes 101: The Futhark Alphabet Tengwar 102: The Language The Metaphor Game Language Mass Extinction The Trojan Horse in Rome Oh Frak! *Creating Our Future *Advanced Poly   Cascade 7
Cascade 8   Independent Press Pub/Ed Tengwar 102: The Language Fanciful Fairies Costuming for the Real World Rhyming and Dying SF/F Art in the Fine Art World Lights! Camera! Canvas! How Do You Paint a Banth? Layman/Entrepreneur's Take The Future of Medicine The Seven Deadly Sins of SF/F Alien Sexuality   Cascade 8
Cascade 9   Saturn: The Lord of the Rings Scientists and Artists Seeing Films the Way Critics Do: Part II The Joy of the Cult Film Copyright Abuse on the Internet You Can't Take the Sky From Me…? Then What's a Metaphor? Introductory Laádan Workshop It's All About the Bones Who invented history? Talebones: Live!   *Advanced BDSM   Cascade 9
Cascade 13   Fantasy Arm Bracers Mark Ferrari's Color Pencil Class Watercolor Demonstration Name-Badge Necklaces Matting/Framing Workshop Creating Quick Cards Let's Make a Movie Workshop, Part 3: Edit It! NWC28 Post-Masquerade Gathering   Cascade 13
Evergreen 1   NWC28 Autograph Session A NWC28 Autograph Session B   Bio Weapons The Norwescon 28 Great Science Debate The Stealth Heinlein Heroes   NWC28 Filk Circle Evergreen 1
Evergreen 2   3000 Years of Marriage SFM One Year Later Continental Domination Where are the Extraterrestrials? Evergreen 2
Evergreen 3 Tai-Chi   A Fragmentation of Fans Teaching with SF/F The SF Poetry Association 30 Years - One Planet Illustrator’s Horror Stories They Should Make a Movie of That … Can SF Be Outdated?   NWC28 Laser Tag   Evergreen 3
Evergreen 4   *Sex Life: Live! Tor Books Traveling Show An Interview with Publisher/Editor Tom Doherty WGoH Michael Bishop Reading An Interview with Writer GoH Michael Bishop Evergreen 4
Olympic 2   Let's Make a Movie Workshop, Part 2: Shoot It! World Building Workshop #2 Star Wars World Building Workshop #3   Mars at the Beach Trip to Tomorrow ANCEA Presents a Night of Anime   Olympic 2
Reading Room 7108   Readings: V. Mitchell /B. Tillotson Readings: J. Cobb/A. Sisson-Mudd Readings: M. Bohnhoff/L. Marley Readings: J. Haines/K.Radthorne Readings: A. Thomson/Y. Lee Readings: A. Dellamonica/D. Lunde Readings: M. Ferrari/H. Gross Readings: E. Witchey/N. Moore Readings: C. Dorman/B. Cooper Readings: A. Dembo/C. Garcia Readings: K. Huey/A. Hanson Friends of Bill W. Readings: L. West/W. Lahti NWC28 Midnight Horror Readings   Reading Room 7108
Grand Ballroom 2    The Norwescon 28 Movie Previews The Art of AGoH Stephen Hickman   The Norwescon 28 Masquerade   NWC28 Saturday Night Hoedown   Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3   Japanese Sword Demo   Grand Ballroom 3
SALON   Mind the Plot Holes Dear The Universe as Mother of Life   Klingon Calligraphy If I Ran the Zoo Samurai Armor   SALON
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