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Cascade 3   The Rise of the Languages of Fantasy   Making Magic Real! The Science Fiction Museum Different Students, Different Styles Must-See TV and Movies Great Moments from SF Films Stranger than Science Fiction NWC28 Pre-Masquerade Meeting I Denizens of the Underworld Next Best Step into Space   Cascade 3
Cascade 4   Media's Portrayal of Fandom Writers We Don't Understand Filk 101 Poetry Workshop I Parody Writing The High Cost of Gaming Creating Emotion-Driven SF/F Pitfalls of Language Creation Introductory Fan Art: Believable Photo Manipulation *Parasite Sex The Language of F/SF Costumers Stitch & Bitch   Cascade 4
Cascade 5   When Fire Warmed Us Color Science and Printer Technology Is SF "Respectable?” To Coin a Term: Neologisms Spelling Your Language Male Bonding in LotR Confabulation: The Art of Collaboration Size Matters Design Principles of ConLanging The Halloween Business     Cascade 5
Cascade 6   E-Publishing Where Do You Get Your Ideas Grand Openings How Do You Name Your Characters? Too Many Ideas? Bringing Your Characters to Life Show Me – Don't Tell Me These Characters Aren't Mine What Is a Hook? Innovative Computer Games Gender, Sex, and Language   Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading   Cascade 6
Cascade 7   Reinventing Genre Fantasy   If I Were Starting Out Today Keepin’ the Faith Teaching with SF Art Breaking into E-publishing Fantasy Forensics The Alien Within Building the Buzz Wrestling with a Writer’s Demons Dream Park - Just a Dream? Stem Cell Research *Plague and Pestilence   Cascade 7
Cascade 8   Basic Hand Sewing 2-D into 3-D Costuming TV SF Costume Review Weird Movies of Which You've Never Heard A Series of Unfortunate Costumes Unusual Sources of Inspiration The Little Missions That Could I Paint, I Write, I Dance Cynicism vs Futurism in SF No Time to Read Internet Myopia *Alien Sex and Mating Rituals   *BDSM a Basic Primer   Cascade 8
Cascade 9   What Do You Passionately Read? Fixing Games that Suck The Art of the Draw Publishing Bloopers The End of Copyright Making the Unbearable Wearable Science or Science Fiction? Norse Mythology Alt Lifestyles Beyond Sex Texturing in Costume TPU Student Orientation  Cascade 9
Cascade 13   Airbrush Demo Fairy Wings Workshop Life Mask Demonstration Practical Low-Budget Special Effects Chainmaille 101 Chainmaille 102 Flintknapping   Cascade 13
Presidental Suite 1360 NWC28 Writer's Koffee Klatch Readings: S. Matthew/M. Moscoe Readings: K. Scholes/D. Silver Readings: J. Clemens/K. Watts Readings: R. Vukcevich/M. Hughes Readings: L. Shannon/H. Hendrix Readings: J. Lake/M. Rossi Readings: M. Bonham/K. Fishler   Presidental Suite 1360
Evergreen 1   NWC28 Literary Debate NWC28 Space Debate NWC28 Social Debate   The Art of Renaissance Swordplay   *Fannish Fetish Fashion Show   Rocky Horror Picture Show   Evergreen 1
Evergreen 2   Norwescon Honors The Next Warhamster? Web Design for Fen Psychology of Horror Artist's Jam Evergreen 2
Evergreen 3   Sci-Fi and Modern Technology The Language of Science Conlanging 101 An Interview with Science GoH Dr Suzette Haden Elgin ScGoH Dr Suzette Haden Elgin Reading Mythology of Felines The Age of the Fighting Sail   NWC28 Filk Concerts NWC28 Filk Circle Evergreen 3
Evergreen 4   Future Human Psychology How to Be a Space Activist Seeing Films the Way Critics Do: Part I Outline of an Ecosphere SpGoH Alan Dean Foster Reading An Interview with Artist GoH Stephen Hickman Swashbuckling Adventures in Costuming Evergreen 4
Olympic 2   Let's Make a Movie Workshop, Part 1: Plan It! The Young and Old Universe Is There Life after "Buffy" Pansy Makehay's Elvish Pick-up Lines Susan ‘Splains Runes World Building Workshop #1 Pirate's Worldview Beauty and the Art of the Female Form Anglicon Presents Friday Night with the Brits   Olympic 2
Reading Room 7108   Readings: I. Radford/R. Gregory Readings: K. Rand/D. Murphy Readings: M. Shaw/M. Rosenblum Readings: G. Nordley/P. MacEwen Readings: P. McKillip/M. Laine Readings: J. Young/R. Sawyer Readings: K. Traviss/M. Faust Readings: E. Gunn/L. Morehouse Readings: L. Duchamp/D. Barr The Lay of Gungni   Friends of Bill W. A NWC28 Horror Special NWC28 Midnight Horror Readings   Reading Room 7108
Grand Ballroom 2   Tai-Chi   The Science Fiction Museum Trivia Game Show Armor 101   Bioterror Weapons: Slide Show   The Philip K. Dick Memorial Award Ceremony   Norwescon 28 Stardance   Grand Ballroom 2
Grand Ballroom 3   Blue Moon Rising To the Precipice of Awe Global Warming Of Dragons and Other Dreams The Art of Wonder The History of the Universe in 60 Minutes or Less Lost Wax Castings Space Elevators and the Liftport Group   Grand Ballroom 3
SALON   NWC28 Deborah Wood Memorial Blood Drive   SALON
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