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Norwescon 26 Announcements

Programming Grid Updated 4/12/03

The preliminary programming  grid is now available.  This is our latest version. If you would like to know the Hours of Operation for Norwescon 26 visit our Hours of Operations Page. This will give you the times when the Art Show Starts, the convention starts, Kidkon and so forth.

Norwescon is once again proud to host the presentation of the Philip K. Dick Award and invite you to join us on April 18 at 7pm in Grand 2 for the announcement of the winner. There will be readings of all the nominated books and other entertainment during the course of the event. We are privileged to have Kay Kenyon, the author of the nominated book Maximum Ice, as well as David Hartwell who will present the award. For more information about the Philip K. Dick Award, please see the official web page and our P.K. Dick Awards Page.

Norwescon in the News

The Tacoma News Tribune published an article about Norwescon in the TGIF section of the Friday, April 11 issue. You can check it out on line at

The $ellout$ at Norwescon

The $ellout$ are a 4-piece pop-punk band from Olympia, Washington.
Evolving a tight set of songs since 1999, front man Nympho (Chris Drew),
guitarist/back-up vocalist Moon (Charles Brimmer), drummer FancyPants
(Lance Patterson) and bassist Kid Ego
(James Lister) have gained a reputation for being both amusing and

Don't miss The $ellout$ live in the Lounge on Saturday night at 9:30pm

Norwescon on Public Access

The following programs taped during Norwescon 25 will air in the next two weeks on Public Access television (channel 29 or 77, depending on your provider).

Cheap Access to Space
Wednesday, April 16
10:30-11:30 am

Wizard Costumes
Wednesday, April 23
10:30-11:30 am

I hope that you enjoy the programming and it gets you excited about another wonderful year for our amazing convention.

Rob Dunbar
Norwescon SCAN Producer

It's the future... and it kind of sucks

On Sunday, April 20th, Norwescon 2003 is proud to present the exclusive Pacific
Northwest premiere of "Breakfast With The Colonel." This 80-minute science
fiction feature has been described as "1984 for the slacker generation."

Check out the Breakfast With The Colonel web page for details.


Call for volunteers in the Security and Communications department

I hope everyone is excited about this year's convention. I know that I am. However, we need help in the Security and Communications departments. We need a few good men and women to help us make sure the con goes on without any problems. Please, please if you are interested in helping us out please contact me via the Security e-mail address (security) for Norwescon and I will send you any information that you want or answer any questions that you may have. There is just a one restriction though, you have to be at least eighteen (18) years old to help out, and you have to attend either an AOV security training class or attend one of the many 1 hour training classes given during the convention. Thanks again in advance.

Over the last several years we continue to get requests to move the convention off of Easter weekend. Please take our advisory poll on this question.

Latest News on Attending Guests

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Vernor Vinge will be attending Norwescon 26. Dr. Vinge is the recipient of numerous awards including three Hugo Awards for his novels A Fire Upon the Deep and A Deepness in the Sky, and his novella "Fast Times at Fairmont High". He will be joining our fantastic line up of fabulous Guests of Honor as well as Terry Brooks, Greg Bear, David Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, Richard Hescox, Steve Barnes, Mary Turzillo, Mark Ferrari, William C. Dietz, Stephanie Law, Richard Paul Russo, Rhea Rose and all the other outstanding guests that will make this convention one of the best cons ever!

One-Day Rates for Norwescon 26

One-Day rates have been set. There will be a limited amount available for each day and they are sold only at the door.

Thursday $30
Friday $35
Saturday $35
Sunday $30

Stuffing Party!

April 13

Materials arrive at noon
Stuffing begins at 1pm
SeaTac DoubleTree Hotel
Olympic 4
Double-check the room on the daily meeting boards throughout the hotel.

Please join us for fun and games as we take pieces of paper, paperback books, buttons and coupons and marry them together to form the packets that everybody receives at Registration. The more people we have, the faster it will go. Be the first in your neighborhood to see a display of Volunteer Tokens. We might even have the latest programming grids on the wall for your perusal and a few goodies to give away.

If you have something to include in the packets, please be at the hotel at noon. People that wish to include fliers or coupons are asked to help with the stuffing. In the past, those that have brought material in late usually ended up in a corner of the room adding their materials to the packets that have already been stuffed. Not nearly as much fun as being in the conga line of stuffers. We plan to stuff 3000 packets, so plan accordingly.

If you intend to bring material, please contact (removed) and let them know what you are bringing.

Working at the stuffing party counts towards hours worked at the con. Norwescon volunteers receive perks like early seating at the Masquerade and are entered into drawings for many items donated by Norwescon dealers. The drawings take place early Sunday afternoon of the con. Please note: People attending the Stuffing Party will have to pay for their own parking. This year, we have had to pay $4 per car for our meetings at the hotel. We'll see if we can get it even cheaper for this event, however carpooling is advised. Refreshments will be served.

Children Welcome

Baby sitting service is available at the hotel, for more information call  Best Sitters at 206-682-2556.

The Fandance Film Festival

Norwescon is pleased to present a film festival of short films made by fans as part of the Let's Make a Movie! workshop at Norwescon. A call for submissions and instructions for films made outside of the workshop can be found here.

There is now information available about the next Norwescon ConCom meeting, visit our meetings page for more information.

A Tribute to Dr. Robert Forward

Recently the science and science fiction community suffered a great loss
with the death of Dr. Robert Forward. He was an intelligent, personable,
well-liked gentleman who gave so much to so many people for so many

Dr. Robert Hoyt, a friend of Dr. Forward and a partner in Tethers
Unlimited, will be at Norwescon 26 and will host a tribute to Dr.
Forward. He will discuss the life of this outstanding scientist and
author as well as sharing the many things he has learned from this great
man. This event will take place on Saturday at Norwescon.

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