Our theme this year relates to many different things. We live in the land of the Emerald City, as Seattle is called in so many advertisements. Many authors and artists abide here too and it is our desire to entice as many of them to our convention as possible. Two guests of honor, out of our wonderful lineup for Norwescon 25, are from the local area: our Artist GoH Brom and our Spotlighted Publisher Wizards of the Coast Publishing. We will also be having a series of workshops for potential fans from high schools in the area on Thursday morning. There will be a number of panels to inform you about what is happening "In the Land of the Emerald City."

With a theme like ours, it would not do to ignore the original Emerald City. No, not the 1939 hit film version. I'm talking about the original Oz of L. Frank Baum. He wrote many stories "In the Land of the Emerald City" and one of his descendants has done the same. Norwescon is very thrilled to have with us, Roger S. Baum. The programming department hopes to be able to explore the many themes of the original Wizard of Oz.

Many of us have grown up watching the annual presentation of Dorothy and her exploits. Our convention theme would not be complete if didn't include this All-American favorite. There is a possibility that we may even have a viewing followed by a critique session. We may even have a munchkin or two wandering around in the halls.

During all of this, I hope that all of you will take the opportunity to explore the many possibilities that exist "In the Land of the Emerald City." Come, let us join arms and follow the yellow brick road to Norwescon 25!

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