Brom : Our Art Guest of Honor

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Brom was born on March 9th, 1965, in Albany Georgia. He is the son of an Army aviator and spent his entire school age years on the move, living in such places as Japan, Alabama, and Hawaii. He graduated from high school in Frankfurt, Germany. From his earliest memory he has been obsessed with the creation of the weird, the monstrous and the beautiful.

He began his professional career at the age of twenty as a full-time commercial illustration in Atlanta, Georgia. He immediately attracted such clients as Coke, IBM, and CNN. At the age of twenty four he came on board full time as a staff artist with TSR (the premier role-playing game company). He contributed his distinctive look to all the major TSR game and book lines and completely designed the look and feel for the best selling Dark Sun world.

In 1993 Brom returned to freelance market and has been working obsessively within every facet of the SF/Fantasy/Horror field. Specializing in the darker side of the genre. Through his artwork for book covers (Michael Moorcock, Anne McCaffrey, Terry Brooks, Burroughs), games (TSR, FASA, White Wolf), cards
( WOTC, FPG, Heresy), comics (DC, Chaos, Darkhorse), movie concepting ( Stan Winston, Tim Burton, Chuck Russel, including the poster for Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow) and computer games (Broderbund, Blizzard, Activision, ID, Raven, SEGA), Brom has brought his distinctive, dramatic and often disturbing visions to life. His recently released art book, "Darkwerks", contains a powerful and haunting selection of these visions.

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