Volunteer Want Ads

If you are interested in volunteering for Norwescon 24, here are some positions that we would like to bring to your attention.
If any sound interesting, please be invited to visit our volunteer form and let us know about your interest

Masquerade (all take place on Saturday*)

Stage Ninjas

If you like to wear black and be sneaky then this is the position for you. Ninjas hover around the edges of the stage and entrances on to the stage and make sure the contestants don't fall. They also place any props that are needed on the stage. You will get an up close and personal look at the stage performance and the contestants.

Den Parents

If you are the nurturing and or calming type and like to see things close up then this position is for you. Den parents stay behind the stage with the contestants the whole time. They work with them to calm them down, offer food and drink and help with any last minute costume problems or tweaking. This is as close as you will get to the costumes unless you are in one.


If you have experience with costuming, performance, or otherwise feel that you would make a great judge contact the Masquerade Director (masquerade@norwescon.org) stating why you think you would be right for the job.

Door Guards

If you like telling people what to do-or better yet, where to go-then this position is for you. Before the Masquerade starts, we need people to guard the front doors to ensure privacy for the contestants and to allow entrance to those who are supposed to be there. We will give you great, up close, seating for the Masquerade as a perk.


Want to see the Masquerade but have a hard time sitting still? Then this job is for you. You will work under the direction of the house manager.

*There will be a meeting on Saturday from 11-11:30am in Grande 3 for all people interested in any of these positions. You will meet the person(s) in charge of your area or become that person and you will learn the rest of the time requirements your volunteer position requires. If you can not make the meeting but are interested, please contact the Masquerade Director prior to the 11am meeting.

Tech Team

Subj: Electricity / Lights / POWER / Strange Hours


We are always looking for a few more tech type of people at Norwescon who
have a bit of theater lighting back ground. Or if you have lots, maybe you want my job...or at least one of them???

We work strange hours, but have lots of fun, no really....m :-)


E-mail me at techservices for the details.

Load In/Set Up/Tear Down

Thursday evening and you have checked into your room. Now, off to the convention. Er, um… where is it? Where is everything? It's in the storage area 'cause we didn't have enough bodies to haul it in and set it up! So, come on Wednesday and help tote that barge. Or stay on Monday and help us put it away. The hotel likes it when we put away our toys.
(4 and 6-hour shifts, but we will take you longer!)


So, you want to volunteer but none of the job descriptions immediately catches your eye? Well here is an opportunity to do a little bit of everything. Your chance to be in the right place at the right time. As a Floater, you will be on call in the Volunteer Office awaiting the next big thing to occur. Last minute jobs or needs come up frequently, which is why you are here. From KidKon to Stage Management, Staff Support to Registration, you will be a jack-of-all-trades.
(2-hour shifts)


Are you the perfect host or hostess? Do you like working with snacks and the people who love them, but don't like the way your carrots were trimmed? Get your hands on some kitchenware and join in the action of Hospitality. A great way to see who is at the con and still accumulate volunteer time!
(4-hour shifts)


If you want to play Robocop this is not the job for you. If, on the other hand, you don't mind making sure that little kids are not unaccompanied, folks are not vandalizing the hotel property and mayhem (outside of the scheduled kind) is not occurring than this may be just what you are looking for. Mandatory training session required.
(4-hour shifts)

Registration Workers

It all starts somewhere and for most of us it is right here! Assist Norwescon members in purchasing or picking up their memberships, collecting their goody bags and just figuring out who the heck they are! Pre-convention training is encouraged. At the con training is available. Either way, training is required. Contact registration.
(2 to 4-hour shifts requested)

Registration Supervisors

Are you good at using computers? Solving problems? Enjoy helping others get the job done? Then you may be cut out to be a Supervisor. Pre-convention training required.
(4-hour shifts)

Stage Management

Volunteer by attending panels! Didn't think it was possible? Well, it is in Stage Management! You'll be responsible for making sure the panels run smoothly, that the panelists (even Guests of Honor) are supported in their needs for smooth panels, and that we have good reporting on what went well and what didn't. If you want to fulfill this very, very important role (our panelists always remember the Stage Managers), talk to Gene Romaine, Head Stage Manager, or Alyxx Feltser, his lovely assistant.
(4-hour shifts)

KidKon Volunteers

KidKon volunteers need to be energetic and good with children. We ask that you commit to a 2-hour shift when you volunteer with us. Duties will consist of playing with the children and upholding the two basic KidKon rules.
1) No fighting of any kind
2) Have fun.
(2-hour shifts)


The following requirements apply for full staff positions in KidKon: Each staff member must have previous experience with children and an ability to commit to a 2-hour shift by March 10th. There is a mandatory half hour training before the start of your shift.
(2-hour shifts)

The Intergalactic Zen Druid Performance Troupe is calling!

A vital part of Norwescon, the Stardance Opening Number, is eagerly seeking thespians (and others) for it's next presentation at Norwescon 24.

What is the Opening Number? A tradition since NWC 5, these funny, short bits of inspired lunacy premier for a one-time only performance at the start of the Stardance on Friday night. In the past we've incorporated such elements as togas, old musicals, magic, even Halloween. Working on it with others is a whole lot of fun, a great deal of silliness, with just a little work.

For this years theme, A Sense of Wonder, we're taking our inspiration from the French-Canadian Cirque Du Soleil. This troup features grand feats of human skill presented in a fanciful universe of color.

We're looking for folks with any type of talent-actors, dancers, jugglers, costumers-even folks with no particular talent to speak of (which often make up the bulk of our performers). If you're interested in the comeraderie and fun this type of "let's put on a show" atmosphere specializes in, and especially if you have even the slightest hint of performer in you, you're the type of person we're looking for.

We're gathering our group together for a brainstorming session on Sunday, February 25, 2001 at 2:00pm at Keith Johnson/LouAnna Valentines home in Federal Way. We'd love to see you.

If you're interested, want more information, or need an address or driving directions, please e-mail us at dances. Or you can phone us at 253-839-7033 till 9:30pm.

The Intergalactic Zen Druids (the name of our hardy band) await you!

TV Show Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are needed for the Norwescon TV show production which airs on public access cable. About 10-15 people are needed to help with taping shows at the convention. They will need to take three classess at the public access channel before the convention. For more information contact John Schlick at (206) 932-6622 or e-mail him at (removed).

Staff Support needed

We are looking for people to help in the Staff Support department. This is the group of people who make and deliver food and drinks to all our hard working staff and volunteers. Most of the food preparation is simple-making sandwiches and cutting up veggies. Then, on a regular basis (every hour or two), they need to push a cart around to all the major areas of the convention and drop off food and drink. This is a good position if you like to work with people, as you get to wander the convention making our staff/volunteers very happy. Contact personnel@norwescon.org for more information.