Norwescon 24 Stuffing Party

The Norwescon registration packet "Stuffing Party" is set for it's usual date & place, the Sunday before the con (April 8) at the hotel. We don't have a room assigned yet so please check the hotel board when you arrive. We plan to start stuffing bags at one, so people who want to help should try to be there by then.

I'm sure most of you know that we welcome other cons, SF orgs, and similar groups to bring fliers and other materials to be put in the Norwescon reg packets. If you're planning on doing so, please bring them to the hotel at noon. If you can't make it to the party you can send your flyers to Norwescon at our POBox.

Please note that Norwescon has the right to not insert something if it doesn't feel that it is approperate or the information is in error. I'm not anticipating any problems, but it never hurts to be sure.

If possible, people should send a copy of what they'd like to be inserted ahead of time to Pat, it would be very helpful and speed up the party. Mostly what we'd be checking for are gross errors.

If you can submitt electronic copies ahead of time, please send them to


We're not going to require anyone to submitt copies in advance. If you show up to the stuffing party with them, they can be reviewed then and there. I'm mainly trying to reduce our workload on that morning, plus give people a chance to correct any mistakes while there is still time.

If you can't make it to the stuffing party please mail your flyers to

NWC 24 att: Eric Pawtowski
POBox 68547
Seattle WA 98168

If you need to have something pre approved same address, att: Pat Booze

Thanks and we hope to see you at the party!!

Eric Pawtowski

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