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Dear Advertiser:

The program book is now in production for Norwescon 24, a large regional Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. Held over the April 12-15, 2001 weekend, Norwescon will attract over 100 professional guests and 2500 fans to the Seattle-Tacoma area.

This year we are proud to present as our Guests of Honor author Connie Willis, author James P. Hogan, artist Bob Eggleton, fan Charles N. Brown, and Spotlighted Publisher Bantam /Dell Publishing Group.

The program book for Norwescon 24 will resemble those from previous years. The 68+ page souvenir will be printed in black ink on 70 lb. coated offset and will feature a full color cover by Bob Eggleton, a color section of artwork, and fiction.

The Norwescon program book is renowned for its heavy use of artwork throughout. A notation with book title, author, and publisher are included with each illustration when supplied.

Along with photographs and biographies of the Guests of Honor there is also a large section of photos and brief introductions of every attending author, publisher, or other guest of Norwescon.

More than just a publication of programs and times, the Norwescon program book is a collector's item and is sold separately after the convention.

Given the size of the convention and the collectibility of the program book, your advertising dollar will be well spent. Whether you are a publisher, book dealer, store, convention, or club, advertising in the Norwescon program will put you in front of the buyer's attention both during and after the convention. There is no better way to reach Northwest Science Fiction and Fantasy readers and buyers.

The program book is saddle stitched and measures 81/2 x 11 with a 71/4 x 10 image area. Advertising rates are as follows:

Full Page (71/4 x 10 or 81/2 x 11 full bleed) $140
(Full color ads in the interior may be available. Sorry, back cover not available.)
Half Page (71/4 x 5 or 31/2 x 10) $80
Fourth Page (31/2 x 5 or 21/4 x 71/2) $45
Eighth Page (31/2 x 21/2 or 21/2 x 31/2) $35

Inside covers given on a first-come, first served basis at no extra charge.

($10 discount for ads from clubs, conventions & fan publications.
Semi-prozines pay full rate.)

Closing date for reserving ad space is March 9, 2001. Finished ads to be received no later than March 16. Arrangements can be made for later arrival if you are placing a full page ad. Camera-ready copy (halftones: up to 120 lines per inch) or electronic files, tif or eps (fonts converted to outlines), and payment with checks made payable to Norwescon, should be sent to:

Michael Brocha
415 Airdustrial Way
Olympia, WA 98501

(business address, no Saturday deliveries). If you have any questions, please call Michael at work: (360) 704-4510 11am-5pm PST or email (removed)

If you haven't seen a copy of a previous year's program book, please ask to be sent a tear sheet.

Publishers: If it is more convenient, we can bill you when tear sheets are sent.

Post Con Reports and PR's

Post Con 23 Report and the Norwescon 24 Progress Report are now available. If you want to see pictures, articles and information about what happened at last years con or get the latest version of the progress report for the upcoming convention, this is the place to look. You will need the Acrobat Reader to be able to view it. You can get it by clicking on the button below. Please be warned that the PC23 file is 3 megs in size. The progress report has been somewhat better optimized to be one half meg in size. So, be prepared for a long download time if you do not have a high speed connection.








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