Norwescon 41 Exec Team Announced

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Norwescon is pleased to announce our Executive Team for Norwescon 41.

  • Chair: Loree Parker
  • Vice Chair: Tonya Clark
  • Business: Anne-Marie
  • Convention Services: Alexis Smith
  • Member Services: Pat Booze
  • Personnel: Jeanine Swanson
  • Programming: SunnyJim Morgan
  • Publications: Cheryl Dyson
  • Secretary: Katie Haas
  • Special Events: Alan Bond
  • Treasurer: Brian Haas

Don’t forget about our Volunteer Appreciation Picnic this Saturday, where you can thank much of last year’s exec team and welcome much of this year’s exec team in person! Then comes our camping trip in late August, and it won’t be long after that that we kick off this year’s slate of ConCom planning meetings. Please join us for any and all of these events!