• The ribbon order must be turned in to the chair by your exec by the end of the meeting on December 14th, 2013.
  • The purpose of the ribbons is to let convention attendees know where you work and that you can help them. No personal ribbons may be ordered with the Norwescon order. Feel free to ask your exec if you need ideas for where to order your personal ribbons.
  • Please try to reduce the number and quantities of ribbons that you order, as we spend a great deal of money on them. To that end:
    • All swag ribbons for Norwescon must be approved by the chair.
    • Please check your exec’s leftover ribbon list and decide if you need to order more, or if you have enough to skip an order this year.

How to Order the Ribbons

  • Please work with your exec to decide if your department needs a ribbon and what it should say. Make sure to indicate your desired ribbon and ink colors.
  • If you are making a new ribbon, please send a copy of the font in with the ribbon order.
  • If you are reordering a ribbon, do not specify or change the font, as changing fonts requires Norwescon to pay for a new plate.

Thank you!

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