During the registration process, staff are asked the following questions:

  1. May Norwescon publish your contact information in the org chart?
  2. May Norwescon publish your name in the program book?

But what do these questions MEAN?

What is the organizational chart?

Norwescon’s organizational chart (org chart) lists all departments, all positions within those departments, and all people in those positions and contact information for them.

Who is it intended for?

The org chart is ONLY for current Norwescon staff. Only staff who have registered (or who are going through the registration process) and have been added to Norwescon’s ConCom Google Group have access to this document.

Where can I get a copy?

Again, registered staff who are members of Norwescon’s ConCom Google Group have access to the most current electronic copy. Paper copies are available at ConCom meetings.

Why are the privacy controls on the chart so strict?

The org chart is kept private because there is personal contact information on it and many staff DO NOT want their information available to the public. That is why Norwescon asks its staff to save a copy for personal use, but not to distribute the org chart or make it public in any way.

If you answer “NO” to Question #1 mentioned above, your contact information will not be listed on the org chart. If other staff members need to contact you, they will be unable to do so directly.

If I choose not to have my contact info listed, how can people get in touch with me?

If people need to get in touch with you, they will go to your exec first, and then the secretary. Some departments have email aliases as well, which will allow you to contact a staff person without their personal email address.

What if I want my email listed but not my phone number (or vice versa)?

Please contact the secretary at secretary@norwescon.org with your specific request.

How to Read the Org Chart

The org chart is organized by department as listed below:


Vice Chair



Member Services


Convention Services


Special Events

Each department lists their positions, then the names of those currently in the position, their status, email, and phone number.

What DOES the Pd column mean?

“.” indicates staff who have been hired but have not yet completed the registration process. You will see the person’s name but no contact info. Until the Secretary has permission to publish contact info on the org chart, it cannot be included.

“$” means the staff person has registered as staff AND paid.

“L” means the staff person is a Lifetime Member of Norwescon. They have registered as staff, and do not need to submit payment.

A “P” means the staff person is also a Pro. They have registered as staff, and do not need to submit payment.

Now what about the Program Book?

Norwescon publishes a staff list and staff photo every year in the Program Book. If you answer “NO” to Question #2, your name will not be included in the staff list.

It is then your choice as to whether you opt in or out of the staff photo (which is generally taken at the December ConCom meeting).

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