Coming up at Norwescon 36: Saturday Double Feature!

Which Technology Will SAVE THE WORLD?
(Saturday, 8pm, Cascade 3&4)

Obviously technology will SAVE THE WORLD, but which one will be the most important? Come help our panelists determine what technology will be Mankind’s Last Best Hope. Then see them defend it in “No, You Fools! Your Technology Will DESTROY THE WORLD!”

Kurt Cagle (M), Alan Boyle, Arthur Bozlee, David Nasset, Sr.

No, You Fools! Your Technology Will DESTROY THE WORLD!

The world is doomed, and trying to stop it with Technology will only make it worse. Come see the choice of “Which Technology WILL SAVE THE WORLD?” be refuted with sound logic, tight reasoning, and, if needed, mobs armed with torches and pitchforks. All torches and pitchforks must be peace-bonded, and meet the appropriate Convention guidelines.

Kurt Cagle (M), Alan Boyle, Darryl Aoki, David Shoemaker, Matthew ‘Fish’ Dockrey

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